Monday, February 27, 2017

Vienna Waits for you...

     I don't know about you, but before I visited Vienna-I honestly did not know anything at all about    this city. All I knew was that it was located in Austria, and it is the name of one of Billy Joel's songs - "Vienna." I am actually a big fan of this song, which talks about taking time to just slow down, enjoy life, and know that you are doing alright! Although the song might not completely and solely have to do with Vienna itself, the lyrics are fitting for this city. It is quite an inviting place with a cool historical charm to it, while some areas still resemble a modern city. From the 24 hours that I spent there, it seemed like a pretty happy and calm place, and really great for just appreciating life! :)

 Since my visit in Vienna was very short, I was only really able to see a handful of attractions while I was there, but was still able to get a pretty good taste of it! One must-see attraction is St. Stephen's Cathedral; you can't miss the unique and beautiful design work on the building's roof! When you go, you should definitely climb the church's tower; it has such an incredible view of the city (pictured above).

    Being that Vienna is known to have a great cafe culture, you should definitely stop in one to enjoy   their Viennese special coffee topped with whipped cream, or the city's famous Sacher Torte chocolate cake! Aside from the food and drink itself, the atmosphere of the traditional cafes here are very elegant and ornate. One such place is the Sacher cafe, which will make you feel like nothing short of royalty!
If you get the chance, I definitely recommend making a trip to this beautiful city! Afterall, Vienna waits for you...

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