Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Spots of Spring

                                    There are very few things that scream happiness more than the 
                                    sudden appearance of a warm day, during what would still be considered 
                                    wintertime. And when that happens, you would be silly not to take 
                                    advantage of it and soak in the sun with a new spring look.

                                      One of the most exciting parts about reaching that spring weather is
                                      putting away that bulky sweater, and replacing it with some airy
                                      clothing that you feel comfortable and breezy in. For some reason,
                                      oftentimes when I think of clothing for spring, I envision loose-fitting
                                      silhouettes, perfect for frolicking around in and feeling the light breeze
                                      through your skin.

                                     So..that is why I recently bought this light-weight bell-sleeve top, 
                                     with crochet details. The subtle ruffle at the bottom, high neck, 
                                     crochet detailing and loose sleeves, all work together to create a fun 
                                     and free-spirited look. I stumbled upon this top while wondering 
                                     through my favorite store of all time-Anthropologie. They had an 
                                     amazing sale going on this past week, enabling me to score this piece 
                                     for only $15!! It was too good to pass up. I decided to pair this top with 
                                     my navy, polka-dot gaucho pants, also because of the light-weight and 
                                     airy silhouette that they give off. I have to say, polka dots are one of my 
                                     favorite prints, and they somehow always manage to get me in a happy
                                     mood when I wear them!  

                                     What is your first go-to look when spring hits?

                                     Top: Anthropologie; Pants: Zara: Bag: Kate Spade (similar);
                                     Shoes: Simply Vera Wang via Kohl's

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