Monday, March 20, 2017

Always Free Events in NYC

Living in such a fast-paced city with so much going on at all times, you always feel the need do exactly the same-always be doing something! One thing I hate most is feeling that I am wasting time doing nothing when the whole world is right outside of my window, waiting for me to join in on the action. The problem that we all encounter though, is how to have fun without breaking the bank.

Being that there are so many exciting places to go to here, your wallet eventually starts to suffer a little bit. So, as a student living in NYC, I have been on a mission to scope out activities/events which require you  to spend very little to no money at all!

My go-to sources for finding fun activities on a student-friendly budget include:
These sites are really great and useful for finding activities and events, every single day of the week. Before you know it, you will have about 100 different tabs open on your laptop with things you want to check out!

Aside from the singular activities which pop up and change everyday, there are also a few great things in NYC which are constantly occurring and you can find on a daily/weekly basis.

Free Cupcakes at George Town Cupcake

If you have a sweet tooth, I definitely recommend checking out George Town Cupcake in Soho, which offers their cupcake of the day, for absolutely free! They start giving them out at 11am everyday. If it is a weekend or just a really nice day out, you might want to get there earlier on in the day to make sure you are able to get this yummy treat!

Free Coffee Tasting at Counter Culture

Do you have a major coffee addiction? Check out a coffee tasting, hosted by "Counter Culture" every Friday at 10 am. You will learn about the whole process of brewing coffee, from the time that the coffee beans are picked, until it is roasted and tasted by the coffee tasters themselves. This workshop lets you feel like a coffee enthusiast, as you use the "cupping method" of tasting a coffee/water mixture, in order to pick out the notes and flavors present in the cup of coffee.

Free Talk Show Viewings

Did you know that you could become an audience member for several talk shows filmed around NYC? This is something that I didn't even realize existed before I started attending college in NYC. Many of the shows are filmed weekday mornings, but a few (including Seth Meyers) are filmed at night!  I have seen The Kelly and Michael Show, The Chew, and The Seth Meyers Show. Check out 1Iota to find your free tickets!

 Fun Fact: You might even make your TV debut, just as I did in this photo!

The Kelly Show Studio

Free Cardio and Yoga Classes at LuLuLemon 

I am amazed at just how many fitness studios/classes there are to choose from here; the options really are endless!  I have been on a big fitness kick recently, and just want to try every class that I can get my hands on. Some classes can get pretty expensive though, so I always keep my eye out for free classes that are being offered around the city. You might be surprised at how often free classes like this are offered. If you want to make it a weekly habit, definitely check out LuLuLemon's free "Cardio Saturday Class" and "Yoga Sunday Class" offered at their Flatiron "Hub Seventeen" location. I have been attending these classes every weekend, and they definitely do not disappoint. Each month, the company partners with different studios around NYC, who bring in a new instructor each week to teach the class. It keeps it exciting, because every instructor has a different method and routine of teaching. Another fun thing about taking classes here is the beautiful interior design of the room next door to the fitness room (pictured below).

                      Check out this LuLuLemon location's workshop schedule, on this website!

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