Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Bonjour Paris

To answer your question-Yes, Paris really is as beautiful as the movies and books make it seem! There is just something so magical about the quaint city streets, with the aromatic scent of fresh baguettes wafting by and the glowing lights of the Eiffel tower in the distance. You can’t help but feel warm and happy inside when you are here. When you make your first step into this dreamy city, I hope you feel the same “ahhh” moment that I felt when I first arrived. 

When visiting Paris, I would say that you ideally need at least 4 days, in order to see a significant amount of the famous landmarks here that there are to see, as well as to just completely take in your surroundings. And trust me… you will never want to leave!

We all know the famous Louvre museum, I’m sure! I know it’s a bit deceiving from the typical picture of the Louvre pyramid that you have all seen, but the museum goes much beyond that and you could definitely spend a whole day looking all of the many artworks here if you could! It houses the ultra-famous “Mona Lisa” painting, but you have to be willing to push through a crowd in order to just get a glimpse of it. It is quite fascinating actually, because there are thousands of other equally, if not more breathtaking art pieces in this museum. Take your time walking through here, and definitely have a map handy-because you may just need it to navigate!

Visiting the Palace of Versailles, was definitely one of my favorite parts about my visit to Paris. You will instantly feel like royalty once you step in front of the famous Golden Gates. The intricate golden details that encompass the gates, are everywhere within the palace-creating such a majestic and royal atmosphere. 

 While walking through the many rooms of this grand palace, I kept thinking to myself: “I cannot believe that one family actually lived in this huge masterpiece of a home!” If I were them, I am pretty sure I would get lost in my own home. Being home to the royal families in many years past, the palace is so rich in history and is definitely a site that you would not want to miss!

As if the interior of the home could not get more beautiful, just step outside to the backyard, and you will find yet another breathtaking view-the Gardens of Versailles! I was amazed that even though I was visiting in late September, the flowers surrounding the gardens were still in full bloom and brighter than ever. On each side of the garden, there are two maze-like pathways to walk through if you have some time to spare!

Although it is not as commonly discussed, Montemarte is a beautiful district on a hilltop, and is definitely worth making a visit to. It is a very charming area, with many unique shops and restaurants, and is well-known for the Sacre-Coeur basilica, which is right near one of the greatest views that you could get of the whole city!

Last but not least, you cannot make a trip to Paris without at least getting a good glance or 10 of the famous Eiffel Tower. When I first laid eyes on it, I had an arm-pinching moment and could not believe that I was finally here! It really is such a breathtaking masterpiece, and so much bigger than I had even imagined. One thing I will say is that there is nothing better than looking at the Eiffel Tower at night, when its lights are glowing and flashing on the first minute of each hour. But, I would recommend climbing the tower during daytime because you may get an even better view of the city than you would at night, which is when I climbed it (if you can’t get the chance to go during the day, I still definitely recommend going at night anyway, because it is still an experience of a lifetime!)

I could ramble on and on about just how amazing Paris is,  as well as all of the exciting sites to see there. But, I will leave the rest for your own eyes to experience yourself, because it is definitely worth the trip there!


  1. The city looks so beautiful! It's on my bucket list to visit Paris in the near future. Thank you for sharing you travels!

    Xoxo, Maggie

    1. Ah that's great; its definitely a must-see place! Thank you for reading :)



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