Saturday, September 3, 2016

Welcome to Firenze!

Welcome to my new home for the next few months! It still seems surreal to me that I am actually currently breathing, living and eating in one of the most beautiful places in the world, and that I get to do it for the whole school semester! Although this is only my second week being here, I can already see why people stress what a great opportunity it is to study abroad in a foreign country/city. This is my first time ever being in Europe, and even by the first day of being here, I was in such amazement by the beauty that this city brings, along with the rich culture and lifestyle that the Florentines have preserved for so many years.  I have had high expectations for this city from the start, from hearing positive reviews and stories from friends and family who have traveled here before. But, being able to experience all of that firsthand is truly an incredible experience!

As someone who has lived in the United States her whole life, I immediately began seeing the differences between the culture here, versus how it is in the U.S. Everyday that I walk somewhere around this city, I really try to take in my surroundings and notice the behaviors of the locals here and the overall way in which they present themselves. Attending school in NYC has really enabled me to grasp an idea of just how relaxed the lifestyle here is, compared to the former. Some people prefer one way of living over the other, making neither way superior over the other. However, I can definitely say that it does feel refreshing to be in a more laid back environment, especially after living in the hustle and bustle of New York City, where everyone is always on a mission and on the go at all times. Don't get me wrong-NYC is a magical place full of many opportunities, but I think everyone can use some time to take a break from that hectic fast paced lifestyle, and just take the time to breath in a new way of living.

I  have already experienced so many new experiences from being in Florence, but I will continue to document them all on more entries to come! I can't wait to see what new adventures this journey will bring me and I am excited to be able to virtually take you along that journey with me!

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