Thursday, September 15, 2016

Cinque Terre (A must-see spot)

  Cinque Terre--with its meaning being '5 Earths,' this name could not be more perfect for a place that seems too beautiful and perfect to be real life. Before coming to Italy, I have seen many photos of this picturesque area, all of which made me dream about being able to experience this fairy tale land called Cinque Terre. Let me tell you, it was just as beautiful (if not more beautiful) in person, as it is described to be. Although each of the towns possess their own unique attributes, they all contain clusters of cute, colorful homes and the clearest blue waters that make you just want to dive right into them.

 The first town that we visited was Manarola, followed by Vernazza and last but not least-Monterosso. We took the train from Manrola to Vernazza, where we did a hike that led us to the beach at Monterosso. If you are up for the adventure and don't mind getting a little bit of a workout in, I highly recommend trying the hike! The first part of it was the toughest, because of the steep incline that the trail began with. But after that, it was smooth-sailing from there. The remainder of the trail consisted of a lot of up and down hill steps, but nothing too strenuous. By the end of it, you definitely work up quite a sweat (especially when its 90 degrees out), but it is all worth it when you reach sight of the beautiful beach that you are about to lounge on!

 The beach that we went onto had free admission for everyone, which makes the day even better! With it being as popular as it is, it would probably be best to get there as early as you can, because we had a tough time finding a spot to lay our towels down. One we did, however, we got a piece of fresh pesto foccaccia from a local foccacceria, along with a refreshing pina colada, and took in the breathtaking views around us. What more can you possibly need than this?

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