Monday, January 30, 2017

Strolling through Chianti Vineyards

 It is nearly impossible to make a visit to Tuscany, without making at least one visit to the Chianti vineyards. Most people, including myself, may not realize that Chianti is actually the name of the region famous for a majority of the wine production in Italy (which is where Chianti wine gets its name).

 If you are in Florence or any other nearby city, I highly recommend booking a wine-tasting tour through one of many tours offered. These tours are really worth it, because they usually include transportation to and from Chianti, often making a few stops along the way. The tour that I went on was called "Chianti Colours and Flavors," which was offered by Ciao Florence. This tour made a stop to a small town named Greve, as well as two different vineyards (with several wine tastings included)
It is a really cool experience to be able to taste good, quality wine, right in the heart of where it was produced. Our tour included several wine tastings of different Chianti wines, all aged for different amounts of time. My favorite had to be Chianti Classico Riserva, which is usually aged for over 2 years at the winery, resulting in a really rich and abundant flavor.
Fun Fact: The rooster found on REAL Chianti wine indicates that at least 80% of the grapes used in its production were Sangiovese grapes, grown in certain parts of Italy. So, the next time you are near Chianti, definitely make time to visit a wine vineyard, and you will be sure to impress the tour guide with this fun fact.

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