Sunday, October 19, 2014

I Believe I Can Fly

Pants: Zara via Crossroads Thriftshop NYC, Top: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's, Sweater: The Gap, Oxfords: Restricted via DSW, Handbag: Forever 21, Necklace: Vera Wang via Kohl's

Yesterday, I took a day trip to Soho with two of my friends.  I was dying to go to the Central Perk pop up shop, and being that yesterday was the last day that it was open, there was nothing stopping me from getting there.  In order to get into the store, we first had to wait on a line to get a 'Perk Pass' which gave us a specific time to come back later on during the day.  I will elaborate on my wonderful Central Perk experience within a few short days.  Until then, I will continue to ramble on about the rest of my day, and discuss my outfit details.  While trying to kill time until we were able to get into the cafe, my friends and I decided to take a stroll around Soho. Thanks to my friends Ally and Maegan, we were able to take some really cool pictures! We discovered some really beautiful areas, including this intricately designed black gated building.  After walking around for a little while longer, we stumbled upon some really interesting and impressive wall art.  One of my favorites was this Kelsey Montague art piece.  If you closely examine the artwork, you will see very detailed images within the wings.  The saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words" holds true for this work of art.  To me, it seems to be saying that since there is so much going on in this picture, it signifies that even though the world can be full of chaos and can sometimes drag you down, you always have to stay true to yourself and find things that make you happy.  By doing so, you can lift yourself off of the ground and your worries will soon fly away, hence the phrase #whatliftsyou. 

About my outfit: Ever since I started college in NYC, I cam came across a few really great thrift shops just down the street from me. After shopping at one in particular, Crossroads, I do not know how I lived life without it.  They have such a great selection of  designer clothing for affordable prices.  So, if you are looking for a thrift shop to go to, I suggest Crossroads.  I bought these pants from there for only $16, and they were orignially from Zara.  The pockets have gold zippers on both sides, which contributes to its simple but elegant style.  I purchased this eyelit sleeveless top from Kohl's for $10.   This sweater also contains the same gold zipper detailing.  I purchased it from the Gap for about $20, after several discounts.  This cute crossbody was given to me as gift from one of my cousins.  To complete the outfit, I paired it with these oxfords, which I purchased from DSW, for only $13! 
Happy Bargain Shopping, xoxo


  1. Fab outfit. I love that sweater

    Made in Mauve

    1. thank you so much! Sorry for the late reply

  2. Hi sweetie
    you look adorable love your shoes
    Maggie D.
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