Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Let Spring be Sprung

I usually look to the transitioning of seasons as a time to start fresh and try to remove most negative thoughts or anything that may be holding you back from being 100% happy. For me, Springtime really seems to be the ultimate time to do this. Just as the flowers start to bloom and everything begins to look a little brighter, you yourself can do the same.

 Jacket: Forever 21, Boyfriend Jeans: The Gap, Sunglasses: Cole Haan via Century 21, Tote Bag: Ralph Lauren via Macy's, Booties: Vera Wang via Kohl's

It is so easy to let yourself get caught up in your daily tasks and activities, that you suddenly forget to live for yourself and do what makes you happy. I have been so busy with school and other obligations, that I sometimes forget to do what I enjoy, such as blogging.  I am sure there are many people that feel like this, and I am definitely one of them. You are probably always pushing yourself to do the very best you can and be the very best person you can be, that you forget to breathe and just relax. When I finally realize that this is what I am doing, I really have to take a step back and tell myself that everything is okay and to just live life the way you wish to live it and to really appreciate yourself.  As cheesy as that may sound., it really does work. Even if that means going for a walk outside, or sitting in your favorite local coffee shop, having that time to clear out your mind and be at ease with yourself is really a great thing!

-Positive Wednesday Thoughts


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