Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hello Warmer Weather

 Top:from my sister's closet; jacket: Free People via Marshall's, Sunglasses: TJMaxx; Booties: Vera Wang via Kohl's

 I could not be happier that Spring seems to have finally sprung! To me, warmer weather gives me more of an excuse to do what I love most: wander around New York City.  Being that this past weekend was so beautiful outside, I had to take advantage of it. My friend Ally and I discovered that one of our favorite neighborhoods in the city is the West Village.  The area is filled with such beautiful buildings, not to mention cafes and restaurants as well.  There is just something about the West Village that reminds of a peaceful getaway from the bustling and always crowded Times Square. While on our walk, we decided to stop at this really cute 50's style diner, called Hamilton's Soda Fountain and Luncheonette.  If you are a lover of milkshakes, soda, ice cream, or any combination of the 3, I definitely recommend this place!  They also have some basic diner type items-hamburgers, hotdogs, fries, and all at very reasonable prices.  I would definitely go back to this place in a heartbeat, that it just how much I enjoyed it.

I have been dying to blog about this subtle floral printed jacket that I am wearing in my photos above.  I found this jacket on clearance at Marshall's.  It was originally worth over $100, but after several price reductions, the purple clearance tag read only $25!I could not believe my eyes when I saw the quality of the item for the price that it was marked at.  This is the type of deal that you just cannot pass up. 

Photo Credits: Ally Moran from Sea Sugar Style


  1. Loving that yellow top! It's perfect for spring. Have a great week:)


    1. Thank you very much Charlton! Have a great week yourself also!


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