Thursday, August 15, 2013

City loving

Dress- Kohl's (Lauren Conrad),  Vest-The Gap, Shoes- Marshalls(Tommy Hilfiger) Handbag-T.J. Maxx(Michael Kors), Sunglasses-Marshalls( Kate Spade) Necklace-Forever 21

Hi everyone! This is my first official post.  Yesterday, I went on two college tours: F.I.T. and N.Y.U.  After the tour of N.Y.U, we went to Washington Square Park, which is where these pictures were taken.
About my outfit: As we all know, maxi dresses have been really in this summer.  When I saw this dress, I immediately fell in love with it.  This crochet dress is perfect for a cool summer day, which was just what yesterday was.  I paired the dress with my denim vest.  This vest was originally a long-sleeved denim jacket from the gap, which was given to me as a gift a long time ago.  When I finally decided to wear the jacket, the sleeves were too short.  So, I decided to cut the sleeves off the jacket and I left myself with a cute denim vest, which completes any outfit. I saw this Michael Kors handbag in T.J. Maxx about a year ago.  I begged my mom to get it, being that Michael Kors is one of my favorite designers and also because I loved the design of the bag itself.  We ended up getting it on sale, for more than 50% off of it's original price.  I bought these Kate Spade Albertine sunglasses at Marshalls, for $32.  It is originally around $150 online or in department stores.

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